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Brazil is one of the richest in minerals around the world and currently one of the champions in export of raw materials (iron, tin, aluminum, manganese, niobium, titanium, limestone and especially gold). Since the extraction of ore began, throughout the years with international prices increasing, Brazil has distinguished itself on a global scale and today is producing more than 81 tons of gold per year.

Brazil has distinguished itself for its valuable resources available for mining, with high quality technology for ore extraction in all its process reaching the final product, and the mapping of new regions such as Pará; Goiás; Mato Grosso; Minas Gerais; Bahia; Amapá and Maranhão.

Carrard Gold Metal is an organization that operates in minerals, with directors that have more than 14 years of experience, focusing on the gold market and commerce with several countries. Therefore, making the gold trade nationally and internationally viable.

With reserve mapping technologies and state-of-the-art machinery for extraction, the company has stood out in export and the domestic gold market.


To everyday improve the extraction of raw material and transformation resulting in a final product with an exclusive finish.


To become one of the largest in gold extraction and market on a global level, and to be among the multinational giants in the sector.


Highly qualified technical team, high competence in gold mining, state-of-the-art machinery, and commitment to our clients.


We are a Brazilian company that specializes in the gold ore business for domestic commerce and exporting.


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    Santa Catarina - Brasil - cep: 88330-053

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