Carrard Gold Metal works with gold bars, a product of immediate liquidity. Such an attribute makes it a safe investment, as its preciousness and scarcity in nature enhances its value. Making it a long-term source of income, even with its volatility linked to the US dollar.

You can make a safe investment with Carrard Gold Metal gold bars because, as long as the gold exchange exists, there has been a consistent valorization of gold within the domestic and international market.

Therefore, people who invest in gold can achieve their goals, as the ore has no correlation with other investments. Which means that even if there is a devaluation of other assets, gold maintains its value or can even increase in value.

Carrard Gold Metal offers products of high quality and value, extracted directly by the company, and shipped to clients all around the world.


We are a Brazilian company that specializes in the gold ore business for domestic commerce and exporting.


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